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What is Personal Leadership?

Personal leadership is the desire in taking charge of your life. You are the master of your destiny. Personal leadership is not a title or position, but an outlook of your role in life. Some of us have the leadership traits, some of us have the potential to become leaders, some of us who have the leadership traits but do not know how to utilities them. Whatever are the successful traits, you can actually acquire them through learning and change.

Are you willing to unleash your potential and motivate yourself to change for the better?

"If you want to change the world, begin with yourself."

"Before you change others, first change yourself."

From these, we know that the most important resource is your potential - your personal potential strength. You have the power to do a lot more than you think. Brain scientists agreed that people only use less than 5% of their brain power. Imagine, if you can just increase a few percentage of the usage of your capacity, then you can work wonder.

Personal Leadership is about the following:

  1. Personal leadership is about knowing yourself. Your self-esteem and selfefficacy. How self-esteem and self-efficacy can improve your well-being and make you more effective in dealing with the daily lives.
  2. Personal best - how you can positive in dealing with others and the world You can create an excellent first impression and leave a lasting impression on others.
  3. Your values - look at yourself and examine your values. Find out your purpose and your core values in life.
  4. Develop the leadership in you. You must know how to direct and guide yourself and to others.
  5. Develop effective communication skills - these skills are critical for success and leadership quality.
  6. Setting goals and getting them. Understand how to set goals and achieve them 7. Make good decisions and make them decisively. What are the ways to make decisions and what are the processes.
  7. Live life to the fullest.

Mastering Your Personal Leadership

• You must have clear idea what you want out of life
• You must have clear idea what motivates you
• You must understand your unique ability and your strengths
• Understand what drive your peak performance and how personal goals, vision and motivation help to achieve the corporate goals
• Balance your life with the spiritual and social elements of your life.

Understanding Yourself

• Listen to yourself
• What drive your inner motivation and your desires
• What makes you change

Living with Purpose

• Have a clear sense of purpose
• Purpose will drive your dreams and goals
• Purpose will make your life more meaningful

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful one-on-one relationship that engages a willing client in a comprehensive and honest exploration of their goals and the actions required to accomplish them. Coaching supports, challenges and holds the clients accountable to make consistent progress towards realization of his/her most important aspirations.

Through coaching people are able to clarify their vision, overcome obstacles, change selflimiting beliefs and undesirable habits, build trust and goodwill, turn a business around, improve productivity, practice inspiring leadership, change a company's culture and achieve extraordinary results. People use the coaching relationship to focus on both personal and organizational goals.

How is coaching different from consulting?

A consultant imposes answers and solutions on a client. A coach teaches and shares expertise where necessary but is more likely to draw answers out of a client. A coach is there (on long term basis) to see and implement new actions, measure progress and accomplish goals.

A Coach focuses on the future that a client wants to create and then helps him/her to take all actions necessary to realize that future.

Who uses a coach?

Coaching is for everyone who is motivated to become or want to accomplish more in life. Most people in coaching are already successful and want to take their personal development to even greater heights.
A coaching relationship will work for you if.

• You can identify a gap between where you are and where you want to be
• Are willing to learn and make new choices
• Have the persistence to do what it takes to make progress

Coaching is about challenging and supporting you in reaching your full potential. This partnership will produce a dynamic, synergistic relationship with a professional coach who is caring and nurturing, inspiring and motivating, supporting and challenging in ensuring the client success in achieving his/her desires.

World #1 Leadership Coaching

Together with MHM-GROUP INTERNATIONAL, the Euro / Global leading Leadership Coach, we bring to you the best Personal Leadership programme

Personal Leadership Coaching

We can help you to discover the hidden asset in you

This Programme can transform you into an effective leader / executive

This is a proven formula and tested for achieving greater business success

LEADERS : Are they Born or Bred?
This is debatable, the fact remains that thousands of executives and managers face exponential change on a daily basis, with or without formal development. Fortunately, key leadership processes, skills and appropriate behaviour can be developed.

This programme provides practice in applying essential leadership tools and develops the participant’s confidence to lead people through change in dynamic workplace environments.
Every person – CEO or athlete who aims for peak performance needs a coach to guide him/her.


You have to take the lead to change and transform yourself and your organization.

Take Action Now!

The Dimensions of Leadership

The programme has four components:

  1. A personal coach whom you meet with around once a month over a period of 8 to 12 months
  2. Texts for reflection and analysis
  3. Activities between meetings
  4. Plans of action

The lessons and plans of action have several functions:

  1. To give you new knowledge. The programme aims to help you understand your potential and how to use it in an even better way.
  2. To revive knowledge you already have, placing it within a system so that you can benefit more from it. Much of what is taught will seem “obvious”, however, you will only be able to fully benefit from what you know when these things are linked together to form a process and you understand how to use them.
  3. To provide you with a clearer picture of yourself. In order to take a look at yourself, you need a mirror, and this mirror needs to be outside of yourself. These lessons and exercises act as a mirror, giving you a clearer picture of yourself, who you are and how you work. At the same time, you will see if there is something in this picture that you want to reinforce or change.
  4. To help you reflect. Each lesson includes a few questions that have no right or wrong answers but are tools for reflection. The questions and answers will be discussed with your leadership coach at your next meeting.
  5. To provide you with follow-up tools so that you and your leadership coach can see what works and what needs adjusting – a plan of action where you write down your goals and plans.


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